Agenda and decisions

Leader's Urgent Decisions
Friday, 13th December, 2013

Venue: Town Hall, Scarborough

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To consider a report by the Director of Business Support (reference 13/447) attached.

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I refer to Agenda item 1, Urgent Report to the Leader; 13th December 2013; re:- Futurist Theatre.


I am being asked to consider the implications for renewing or not renewing terms with Mr Stead as operator of the Futurist Theatre for the 2014 calendar year;


to note the discussions held with Sheffield International Venues (SIV), the

operator of the Scarborough Spa Complex and Whitby Pavilion, about the

potential operation of the Futurist Theatre during 2014.


It is being  recommended that I reject the option to enter into a management arrangement with Mr Stead for operation of the Futurist Theatre for the 2014 calendar year due to the lack of viability demonstrated at this time.


I am being asked to consider and approve one of two options as below. (Option A, Option B.)


Option A


·          an increase in the direct contribution payable to Mr Stead for operating the Futurist Theatre for the 2014 calendar year from £80,000 to £180,000.


·          instruct Officers to bring forward recommendations to address this unbudgeted growth within the Financial Strategy.


·          note the risk of a potential need to increase the maintenance cost budget for the Futurist Theatre if this option is proposed, or


Option B


·          do not agree to increase the direct contribution to Mr Stead from £80,000 to £180,000 for the operation of the Futurist Theatre for the 2014 calendar year;


·          note that Mr Stead’s lease as operator of the Futurist Theatre expires on 31 December 2013;


·          the temporary closure of the Futurist Theatre at the expiry of Mr Stead’s current operators contract (31 December 2013);


·          authorise Officers to make arrangements to board up the Futurist Theatre, with the frontage being done in a tasteful and sensitive manner;


·          approve a budget of £5,000 from the Capital Development Reserve to carry out the boarding up exercise;


·          the Council to continue to maintain the empty Futurist Theatre (to a minimum standard) for a period of 3 months, to provide time to flush out any potential operators, accepting that these potential operators will need to demonstrate a valid business case and funding.


·          should no suitable offer be accepted within the 3 month period, Officers be instructed to make arrangements to formally close the Futurist Theatre.


·          approve a further budget of £20,000 to undertake the works to close the Futurist Theatre, to be funded from the Capital Development Reserve.


·          further reports regarding any expressions of interest will be presented to the Leader prior to any formal closure of the Futurist Theatre.


·          instruct officers to develop a mechanism to evaluate any business plans/proposals for operating the Futurist Theatre.




On that basis, even if Mr Stead indicated a desire to continue with an increased subsidy, the Futurist Theatre's viability is not established and I agree the implementation of the recommendations as included in Option B of Agenda Item 1 of the report to the Leader of the Council 13th December 2013 save in Para  (ix) that temporary licence be issued to extend the agreement up to  ...  view the full decision text for item 1.