Agenda item

Area Committee Grants 2013/14

To consider a report by the Deputy Chief Executive (Reference 13/280) attached.


The Committee considered a report of the Deputy Chief Executive (Reference3 13/280) regarding the Area Committee Grants 2013/14 in respect of how the funds were to be allocated.  The Chairman presented the report and advised members that the report concerned the procedures for allocating the grant money and asked the members if they had any questions on the report.  There were no questions from members and the Chairman read out the recommendations in the report.

A member proposed that the grants be allocated via the ‘Voice Your Choice’ programme.  Although the member felt that there was a cost to this and was concerned in respect of officer time and that the grant process may be a cheaper option, the member felt that overall the ‘Voice Your Choice’ process was more democratic and had greater opportunities for community engagement.

The proposal was seconded and the Chairman asked members whether any member wanted to put forward any other proposals, but there were none.

The Chairman then explained that four volunteers were required to form a sub-group.  The sub-group was made up of four Area Committee members and four members from the Scarborough Urban Area Forum.  Members of the sub-group would need to attend meetings to set the criteria, receive and determine the applications and attend the final event.  Officer time was involved in this including servicing the meetings but it was hoped that most of this cost would be able to be absorbed within the budget.  In respect of the budget there was £17,637.93 to be allocated which was made up of £11,550 from the 2013/14 allocation and an underspend of £6,087.93 from previous years.  A member advised that this would include money from projects that were underspent or out of time, and a project for a garden that had eventually been disbanded.  Members of this Committee nominated to sit on the sub-group were Councillor Steven Bairstow, Councillor Mrs Janet Jefferson, Councillor John Ritchie and Councillor David Billing as an ex-officio member.

In respect of timing the Chairman advised that the Voice Your Choice decision event would most likely be held in March to give the maximum time to advertise the event and for groups and organisations to submit their applications.  A suggestion had been received from the Civic Society to roll the grant funding over to next year, but it was felt that funding needed to be allocated in this financial year.  A member suggested that the Voice Your Choice decision event should be held at the Town Hall since the Council had retained the building in the town centre and would encourage the public to visit the building.


(i)         the report be received;

(ii)        the 2013/14 Area Committee funding allocation in the sum of £17,637.93 be distributed via the Voice Your Choice process in partnership with the Scarborough Urban Area Forum, as had previously been the case.

(iii)       a joint sub-group of a maximum of four members of this Committee together with four members of the Scarborough Urban Area Forum be set up with the following being nominated from this Committee: Councillor Steven Bairstow, Councillor Mrs Janet Jefferson and Councillor John Ritchie.  Councillor David Billing to sit as an ex-officio member.

(iv)       the final Voice Your Choice event should, if possible, be held in the Town Hall to promote community engagement at a date to be agreed in early 2014.

Members’ reasons: Members felt that the Voice Your Choice programme allowed an increased opportunity for community engagement and was a more democratic process. Holding the final event in the Town Hall would increase engagement with the public.  Members wished to allow the maximum time for advertising the event and for groups and organisations to submit their applications.


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