Agenda item

The Sands - Waterpark Proposals

To consider a report by the Director of Business Support (reference 13/307) to follow.


The Council considered a report by the Director of Business Support (Reference 13/307) which asked Council to consider two Options A and B concerning the Waterpark proposals and determine with which Option to proceed. 

Members had previously had the opportunity to attend detailed presentations from Mr Duce, Benchmark regarding the Waterpark proposals and ask questions.  Members also had the opportunity to attend separate detailed briefings given by the Director of Business Support and the Director of Legal and Democratic Services and ask any questions including those concerning the financial, legal and other implications of the proposals prior to the meeting.  The briefings had been well received by Members as they provided very detailed explanations of the full financial and legal risks involved in progressing the proposals. Members thanked both Directors for their approach to ensuring that Members had a clear understanding of all the implications of the proposed deal.

The Council adjourned the meeting to allow a final presentation from Mr Roland Duce, Benchmark to take place and for Members to ask questions of Mr Duce only, following which Mr Duce left the Chamber prior to Members’ commencing their debate.

The Leader, Councillor Fox on introducing the report, referred to negotiations with Mr Duce which took place after the report was published and advised of two amendments to the sub-recommendations to Option A to those printed in the report at the meeting.

Councillor Fox rose to propose Option A as amended which was duly seconded by Councillor Bastiman.  Councillor Broadbent proposed Option B and this was duly seconded by Councillor Challen.  Members were advised by the Director of Democratic and Legal Services that both Options were available as a choice and both Options could be kept open prior to voting. After a lengthy debate, in excess of 8 Members stood to request a recorded vote and Option A to agree to the proposal for facilitating the funding the construction of the Waterpark as amended was put to the vote.


For Option A as amended

Against Option A

Cllr A Abbott

Cllr J Armsby

Cllr G W Allanson

Cllr S P Bairstow

Cllr G A Backhouse (Mayor)

Cllr D L Billing

Cllr Mrs S E Backhouse

Cllr E Broadbent

Cllr D J Bastiman

Cllr C R Challen

Cllr Mrs L M Bastiman

Cllr W Chatt

Cllr D A Chance

Cllr Mrs D Clegg

Cllr G Coulson

Cllr Mrs D V Cluer

Cllr Ms M Donohue-Moncrieff

Cllr M J Cockerill

Cllr T W Fox

Cllr Ms T M Davy

Cllr S B Green

Cllr G Evans

Cllr C Haddington

Cllr J G Flinton

Cllr D C Jeffels

Cllr M Jay-Hanmer

Cllr A Jenkinson

Cllr Mrs J Jefferson

Cllr Miss J Kenyon

Cllr N K Murphy

Cllr Mrs H F Mallory

Cllr Ms R K Murphy

Cllr Mrs P Marsburg

Cllr Mrs A Robinson

Cllr Mrs P Marsden

Cllr S C Sharma

Cllr Mrs J E Mortimer

Cllr S Siddons

Cllr J Plant

Cllr M H Ward

Cllr P G Popple

Cllr B F Watson

Cllr E M Smith

Cllr J Zegstroo

Cllr W H Tindall



RESOLVED that subject to the recommendations and conditions detailed in the report and as amended at the meeting, Option A to agree to the proposal for facilitating the funding of the construction of the Waterpark be approved as detailed in the Council’s Restricted Minute Book.



To enable Members to consider the Options available to them in respect of the future of the Sands Development, in particular the opportunity to facilitate the delivery of the Water Park.