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Motor Events on Oliver's Mount

To consider a report by the Director (TW) (reference 16/259) attached.


The Cabinet considered a report by the Director (TW) (Reference 16/259) in respect of a proposed extension to the number of race days on Oliver’s Mount following a one year trial.  With the permission of the Chairman, Mr Scott Beaumont, Marketing Director of the Auto 66 Club addressed the meeting, alluding to the great success of this year’s season which had seen a growth in visitor numbers and TV coverage, and the implementation of mitigation measures by the Club to meet the concerns of local residents including improved traffic management and communications.  The report demonstrated that the majority of residents backed Auto 66 Club’s plans.  The Portfolio Holder for Leisure, Tourism, and Culture, Councillor Jenkinson commended Mr Beaumont’s enthusiasm and commitment, and Auto 66 Club’s achievements during the one year trial.  Councillor Jenkinson proceeded to move the recommendations in the report for the period 2017-2023 with the proviso that the policy amendment be revoked should problems arise as a consequence of the extra race days granted.  The Director, Mr Watson then made a point of clarification concerning paragraph 4.13 of the report which wrongly attributed comments to Mr David Auton of South Cliff Community Group.  Mr Watson apologised to Mr Auton for the error.  The comments were in fact from an individual representing a number of other local residents.  Councillors had now received a copy of South Cliff Community Group’s comments which were generally supportive of Auto 66 Club’s programme and which raised issues covered in the officer report.  Mr Watson therefore believed that the omission of SCCG’s particular comments in the report did not affect the report’s recommendations.  Mr Beaumont confirmed that Auto 66 Club was happy to meet with residents and community groups to discuss their concerns and issues.  Other Cabinet Members spoke highly of Auto 66 Club’s professionalism and the importance of the Oliver’s Mount events to the visitor economy.  With the permission of the Chairman, Councillor Vesey addressed the meeting, requesting that Auto 66 Club assess the environmental impact of the race events with a view to offsetting the CO2 used, and consider working with Scarborough Athletic to prevent races clashing with match days and so minimise traffic congestion.  In reply, Mr Beaumont confirmed that the Auto 66 Club had no influence over FA fixtures, but should a race coincide with a match day, then they would work with the football club to alleviate any traffic issues.  Similarly, the Club was willing to work with the Council and other bodies to investigate and implement carbon offsetting measures.

RESOLVED that the Cabinet, following the one year trial, approve the request from Auto 66 to extend the number of days for Motor Events on Oliver’s Mount until 2023, as detailed in section 5.5 of this report, with the additional clause (f) ‘with the ability for these additional days to be revoked if there is failure to comply with the terms of the licence, or if there is substantial cause for concern raised by residents which cannot be resolved by Auto 66 to the reasonable satisfaction of the Council.’



To ensure the sustainability of Motor Racing at Oliver’s Mount.


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