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Review of Fishing Sector at Scarborough Harbour (Overview and Scrutiny Board)

To consider the report of the Director (LD) (reference 18/99) attached.


The Cabinet considered a report by the Director (LD) (Reference 18/99) in respect of a review of the fishing sector at Scarborough Harbour commissioned by the Overview and Scrutiny Board and set within the context of the Strategic Business Plan for Scarborough Harbour approved by the Cabinet in September 2017.  Member of the Task Group, Councillor Paul Cross introduced the report.  The Portfolio Holder for Major Projects, Councillor Cockerill then commented on the report’s recommendations.  He noted that although it was under his portfolio he had not been consulted on the proposals. In respect of (i), he noted that Scarborough Harbour had seen many changes over the years from predominantly being for the benefit of the fishing and cargo sectors to now including commercial and personal leisure.  He believed that any development needed to be considered from a holistic viewpoint rather than in terms of just one sector.  However, appropriate investment and maintenance would continue where a viable business case was made.  In respect of (ii), he commented he would be willing to investigate the provision of an additional davit.  He added that problems with previous equipment a few years ago had led to the installation of two new davits the specification of which had been discussed, modified and agreed with the main users. It would assist if a suggested use, location and specification had been included.  He agreed that maintaining suitable HGV access was essential, and that further scrutiny reports into the other sectors of harbour activity would allow an overall masterplan to be developed.  He undertook to investigate the practicality and funding for improved boat maintenance facilities as recommended.  In respect of the recommended reconfiguration of buildings on the West Pier, the development of a local shellfish brand and a lobster hatchery, Councillor Cockerill commented that the future configuration of West Pier was a vital aspect in the life of the harbour.  However, any development needed to be considered holistically.  He reported positive discussions about the potential expansion of the shellfish processing sector through the creation of additional space for one of the harbour’s tenants.  A local fisherman was also working on developing a local shellfish brand as shown on a recent TV programme.  He noted that the idea of a lobster hatchery was investigated some years ago but not found to be a viable proposition. However, he was willing to instruct officers to, once again look into the practicality and viability of local branding and a lobster hatchery.  Finally, Councillor Cockerill commented that he was not consulted during the preparation of the Task Group’s report, and that whilst not necessarily disagreeing with the main thrust of the report, he recommended that the Cabinet receive the report and look forward to similar documents relating to the other aspects of Scarborough Harbour to allow a holistic review to take place and that this be undertaken in consultation with relevant Portfolio Holders.  In the meantime, he would continue to progress the maintenance of existing infrastructure and facilities, investigate ways to enhance the necessary infrastructure and facilities for all sectors using the harbour, and to consider the potential for additional and alternative harbour users, each proposal to be supported by a robust business case.  The Chairman and other Members of the Cabinet commented on the report.  They concurred with Councillor Cockerill that a more holistic approach was warranted to support the development of a masterplan for Scarborough Harbour, and that the fishing industry, although important, was just one sector.  They felt this review should involve all the relevant Portfolio Holders.  Councillor Paul Cross commented that the review had engaged with other harbour users and stakeholders who had recognised the cultural and economic importance of the fishing industry and had been very supportive of its continued presence in the harbour.  The Chairman thanked Councillor Cross and the Task Group for their efforts, but regarded the report as preparatory to a larger and more holistic review in support of a masterplan for Scarborough Harbour.


(i)            The report be received;

(ii)          A proposed larger and more holistic review of Scarborough Harbour be referred back to the Overview and Scrutiny Board to consider and commission in consultation with the relevant Portfolio Holders.



To enable a holistic approach to the development of Scarborough Harbour in accordance with the Strategic Business Plan.



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