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Regeneration Master Planning in Eastfield and the South Scarborough Strategic Growth Area

To consider the report of the Director (RB) (reference 19/031) attached


The Cabinet considered a report by the Director (RB) (Reference 19/031) in respect of a proposed framework for regeneration master planning activity within the South Scarborough Strategic Growth Area (SSSGA).  Members were advised that in January the Council had received a capital receipt of £1,158,333 from the sale of land at Middle Deepdale and the Council anticipated receiving further sums in excess of £3.5 million over the coming six years.  With such significant sums expected it was essential that the Council established clear strategic objectives, with appropriate principles and protocols to ensure these funds were utilised to provide the best possible socio economic regeneration and social value outcomes for the residents and business of Eastfield and the entire South Scarborough Growth Area.  To this end, a draft regeneration master planning brief was annexed to the report which set out the primary objectives of the master planning process, with social value, economic regeneration, housing, health and wellbeing, a sustainable environment and community engagement at the heart of these ambitions. The draft brief also included a proposed governance model and an indicative timeline and key milestones.  Further, following constructive discussions with Eastfield Town Council, a resident focused partnership (PACT) led by the Town Council was launched in December 2018 that would enable cross-sector stakeholder engagement to take place.  In response to a question seeking clarification of the precise geographical boundaries of the SSSGA, the Director, Mr Bradley advised that he did not wish the master planning exercise to be constrained by being over-prescriptive on the extent of the area; rather, the geographical detail would come later with the development brief.  With the permission of the Chairman, the Eastfield ward councillor, Councillor Warburton addressed the meeting.  He welcomed the report and thanked the Cabinet and officers for their work in helping to create the Construction Skills Village and latterly, the Eastfield PACT.  Councillor Warburton suggested some one-off grant funding from the Middle Deepdale capital receipt firstly to refresh Eastfield High Street, and secondly to use the opportunity of the new community facility at Overdale school to attract a range of clubs, societies and classes from across the SSSGA, in the same manner as the new community hall at Buckton and Bempton had flourished to the advantage of the wider area.  The Chairman thanked Councillor Warburton for his comments, noting the success of the Buckton and Bempton community facility, the positive engagement between the Borough Council and Eastfield Town Council to advance the masterplan, the contribution of Mr Graham Ratcliffe and his team to the ongoing development of the Skills Village, and the importance of the community facilities in Eastfield and elsewhere benefiting users from across the area.  However, the Chairman would not support any one-off funding at this stage without an overarching strategic masterplan to determine how the money was to be spent for the benefit of the SSSGA.

RESOLVED that the Cabinet:

1.         recommend to Council to agree the allocation of £35k from capital receipts from the sale of land at Middle Deepdale toward the cost of regeneration master planning activity within the South Scarborough Strategic Growth Area.

2.         approve the acceptance of up to £36k from the YNYER LEP toward the cost of master planning activity within the South Scarborough Strategic Growth Area (SSSGA).

3.         approve the commissioning of a holistic masterplan at a cost of up to £71k for the purposes of facilitating regeneration activity in the SSSGA in accordance with this report and the attached brief at Appendix 1.



To facilitate a holistic approach to the regeneration of Eastfield and the wider



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