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Whitby Seagull Control

We the undersigned petition the council to This group has been created by Whitby residents to highlight ongoing problems to the local council of the increasing problems of the seagull population. 1) Causing damage to roofs and property. 2) Attacking people in open spaces. 3) Constant poo everywhere. 4) Car damage. 5) 24 hours a day noise. 6) Spread of E-coli. Suggested solutions. 1) On spot fines for feeding Gulls. 2) More awareness for tourists, posters-warning signs in town and shops. 3) Better sanitation from local shops and businesses. 4) Council help for netting and anti seagull modulators. We are not promoting any culling, or harm to these sea birds, we are wanting the local council to stop debating and take control of this ever growing problem, so please help and sign the council petition below to start making a difference.

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This ePetition runs from 09/05/2019 to 09/08/2019.

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